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Our community shares their strength and love…

Thank you to everyone who responded to my email about my father being in the hospital, and to those who sent prayers and well wishes; I send you all a big virtual hug! I am truly grateful and touched. And so thankful he is doing better now. Many of us are caregiving in so … [Read More...]

No more stinking thinking!

How do we determine how well we age? As I have been focusing these past few weeks on caregiving and helping those who need us, I can’t help at times to think, why aren't we able to focus at least a tiny bit of this caring spirit on ourselves? Instead, we often fall into … [Read More...]

From the hospital bedside…

I am writing you from the hospital at the bedside of my 89 year old father. He has had a rollercoaster of a ride over the past month and us along with him. This has been a journey to the end of life and back again, as he is doing better, for which I am grateful! In this same … [Read More...]

Guys, careful what you say!

Guys, a warning to you! Saying things like: Honey, your hormones must be off! Is it that time of the month? I can tell your period’s coming! Or, as my sweetheart has said to me, “You’re awesome except for those couple of days a month.” When he found out I was … [Read More...]

It’s so easy being a single mom…

It’s so easy……. While I’m sorry to see the summer vacation passing, starting back to school with our children really is a time that heralds in organization and routine!Let me share my experience with you of getting me and my girls back into school mode routine. Monday … [Read More...]

“I need a pill to learn” What messages are we sending our kids.

Well, while I was hoping to witness a sea of “healthy lunch choices" at my 7 year old's school lunch yesterday, my expectations soon fizzled. I had joined Ava unexpectedly at lunch, which was super fun. I was greeted by hugs, hellos, and smiling faces at a table of 7 year … [Read More...]

Back to school…and your kid ate nachos for lunch!

“ I had nachos for lunch today mom!” said my daughter Ava, now 7. … then seeing the horrified look on my face, ”But I had a salad yesterday!” Oh, the dilemma of school lunches and eating out! Knowing about hidden GMO’s, HFCS, toxins, is a blessing and a curse. While Ava … [Read More...]

Yummy summer blueberries! Hand picking anyone?

There are many things I love about summer vacation, and getting to do creative, fun and educational activities with the kids is at the top of that list! Last week I took our crew and friends to a local organic blueberry farm, Harrietts Bluff Farm in Woodbine, GA.  Truth is, we … [Read More...]

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