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The #1 thing to do this holiday is

The island I live on, St. Simons Island, becomes super crowded with families and vacationers coming down for the festive holiday weekend. It’s a time of outdoor fun and beachtime! Realistically, it may also come with sunburns and hangovers exacerbated by what I wish to emphasize … [Read More...]

How much Round-up are you eating?

Monsanto makes Round-up, worlds #1 weed killer. It then needed to create GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) plants to withstand the use of this product, (over 90% of soy and 80% of corn are GMO). Now, the crops can be sprayed with Round-Up and resist being killed by it! Isn't … [Read More...]

Is It Dementia? Or Inflammation and Hormone Imbalance?

Last week I wrote a bit about my father’s health journey from age 79 to now 89 and counting. I received an outpouring of responses from so many lovely people who are struggling with the condition of an elderly parent who they desperately want to help. I want to help too, so … [Read More...]

Just give up, he’s had a long life!

10 years ago, when my father was 79 y.o., his doctors essentially told me to give up on him. “He’s 79 Anna and has had a good life.”  His cardiologist said.  I listened with polite respect, and then after I hung up, I got angry and busy! You see, my dad was down visiting … [Read More...]


Teaching Our Children: Being Exceptional in a Mediocre Society

I just celebrated my daughter’s graduation from high school! This is truly one of our modern day ‘rights of passage’.  It gave me so much pause to think… as I sat in the grandstand with other families incredibly excited to see our loved ones take their walk…. as they prepare to … [Read More...]

“Get That Nasty… Off Your Shoulder!”

I spent a wonderful yesterday afternoon shopping with my daughter for her graduation dress. Shopping is a great way to raise oxytocin, the hormone of bonding and connection.  ”Retail therapy” as I like to call it, with family and girlfriends has always been a fun and … [Read More...]

Can Your Food Choices Save The Planet?

The article below is from my friend Ocean Robbins, and is about something very important to me: making food choices that are not only healthy, but also sustainable. Much of the beef available in our stores is pumped full of hormones, and as you'll read below, it also puts a heavy … [Read More...]


This man could save your life

Are you as horrified as I am to see what’s happening to our food? There’s somebody I want you to meet. His name is John Robbins. The co-founder of The Food Revolution Summit. John’s dad and his uncle founded the 31 flavors “Baskin Robbins” company, and John was groomed … [Read More...]

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